The Anna Dillon Calendar 2024.

The Anna Dillon Calendar 2024.

Twelve beautiful images printed using archival quality inks on 170 gsm silk paper from the splendid Anna Dillon, featuring depictions from her beloved Wessex, both from the ground and the air . The selection comprises ‘The Ox Drove’, ‘Grim’s Ditch’, ‘Ram’s Hill Coombe’, ‘Tan Hill Above the Pewsey Vale’, ‘Aerial Avebury’, ‘The Stone Henge’, ‘The Sun Horse’, ‘The Westbury White Horse’, ‘The Budleigh Trees’, ‘The Avenue at Avebury’, ‘Wayland’s Smithy’, and ‘Whitefield Hill’. Dates of note include major holidays, solstices, and British Summer Time beginning and end dates.

Price includes postage within the UK.

Dimensions 297mm X 297mm.

Cover material – 350 gsm Invercote.

Inner material – 170 gsm Silk.

All materials are FSC certified.

£14.95 Inc. Postage within the UK.

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The Anna Dillon Calendar 2024.

Anna Dillon was born in and raised in Wessex, amongst the rolling chalk downs so often depicted in her work. While attending primary school at Avebury, Anna inherited a profound interest in the landscapes that surrounded her. This interest flourished further when exposed to an new aerial perspective: in 2014 she took a helicopter flight over the Somme, and saw the scars of the First World War still visible on the chalkland below, and in the following year was able to take photos of the Uffington Horse and other scenes, also from a helicopter, on which she based further works. Anna draws inspiration from these sources, as well as 20th century British landscape artists including Peter Lanyon, Paul and John Nash, and Wilhelmina Barns-Graham.

Her website, featuring many more images and prints for sale can be found at

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