Stanley Spencer ‘Landscape, Gloucestershire’ Large & Small Postcard set.

Stanley Spencer ‘Landscape, Gloucestershire’, oil on canvas, 1940.

Probably the most popular and requested image over at the @RatherGoodArt Twitter account, this highly detailed Spencer painting of a Gloucestershire hillside and fields exudes appeal. The range of greens is eye-catching, the isolated cottage, the gap in the hedgerow leading to the next field, the blue sky with a hint of a raincloud – all these elements combine to stop the viewer in their tracks to take it all in.

While considering this painting as part of our forthcoming art print range, we thought we’d release an A5 version (A5 = 5.83 inches by 8.27 inches, or 14.81 centimetres by 21.01 centimetres) accompanied by a smaller, more portable standard A6 postcard size to prop on a shelf, use as a bookmark, or even post to a friend. Printed on 310gsm card stock using high-quality inks.

£4.99 Incl. Postage within the UK.

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