Eric Ravilious ‘No. 29 Bus’ Greeting Card

‘No.29 Bus’ Eric Ravilious, watercolour, 1934.

Printed on 300gsm Invercote card stock using high quality inks to retain the colours of the original image. The card dimensions are 140mm by 140mm.

Also available as part of the Ravilious on and off the Road Collection.

Please see the description below for more information about this painting.

£2.95 Incl. Postage within the UK.

Eric Ravilious, ‘No.29 Bus’, watercolour, 1934.

Given that Eric Ravilious was perfectly at home using a caravan as a  bedroom and another as a sitting room, one can imagine that the No. 29 bus depicted in this image must have at least inspired idle thoughts about adopting it as a fair-weather studio. The soft flare of the low winter sun provides an opportunity for some strong shadow work, with the sharp angles of the shed on the left contrasting wonderfully with the curving wood of the open gate.