Ravilious on and off the Road

This new collection comprises Wiltshire Landscape, Caravans, and No. 29 Bus.

Printed on 300gsm Invercote card stock using high quality inks to retain the colours of the original image. The card dimensions are 140mm by 140mm.

Also available as singles priced at £2.95 Inc. Postage within the UK.

£7.99 Incl. Postage within the UK.

Two very familiar and one not-so-familiar Ravilious images make their debut as a new collection. ‘Caravans’ depicts the ex-Boar War fever huts that he and his wife Tirzah Garwood lived in while in Sussex, while we learn (via James Russell) that the red van in ‘Wiltshire Landscape’ was inserted after the painting had finished, perhaps in an effort to cheer it up a little (though hardly needed to my mind), and finally ‘No. 29 Bus’ temps us to scrambled aboard (though perhaps confining ourselves to the lower deck might be wise).

Wiltshire Landscape, Caravans, and No. 29 Bus are also available as single cards, priced at £2.95 each, inc. postage within the UK.

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