Eric Ravilious ‘Caravans’ Greeting Card

‘Caravans’ Eric Ravilious, watercolour, 1936.

Printed on 300gsm Invercote card stock using high quality inks to retain the colours of the original image. The card dimensions are 140mm by 140mm.

Also available as part of the Ravilious on and off the Road Collection.

Please see the description below for more information about this painting.

£2.95 Incl. Postage within the UK.

‘Caravans’ Eric Ravilious, watercolour, 1936.

‘He certainly had a soft spot for old wooden vehicles – a legacy perhaps of his family’s involvement in coachbuilding. In Sussex he discovered a pair of abandoned Boer War fever waggons, and had them towed up the lane to Furlongs. ‘We got a man to mend them inside,’ reported Tirzah [Garwood – married to Eric Ravilious], ‘and fit one up for a bedroom and the other for a living room and I nailed new canvas over the top of them and painted them green with red wheels.’

James Russell.

James Russell is an art historian, curator and author with a special interest in 20th/21st century British artists, and has published a number of books on the art of Eric Ravilious, including RaviliousRavilious in Pictures 1: Sussex and the DownsRavilious in Pictures 2: The War PaintingsRavilious in Pictures 3: A Country LifeRavilious in Pictures 4: A Travelling Artist, and Ravilious: Submarine, the last five of which are published by the Mainstone Press. James can be found on TwitterInstagram, and also presides over a rather good blog.